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Dear Sendai.. March 13, 2011

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So many wonderful memories you’ve given to me in 2.5 years. But we haven’t met for last 19 years, until I heard a bad news about you.
I couldn’t stand to see your face after the disaster, because I’m already sad just to hear the news about you.
With my deepest condolence, let me send my prayers for you. I believe, you’re strong, so you can re-build yourself better.
I’ll always remember you, my best friend.. Thank you for everything.. Hope I can see you again in prettier face..

仙台私の愛する, 頑張ってください!!!

Matsushima Bay, Sendai

Sendai Statue at Aoba Castle

Daikannon statue

Subway (Chikatetsu) in Sendai

Sendai International House, Sanjo-machi

Me, in front of Sanjo-machi aparto



1. Mahehehehe - June 6, 2011

Itu Chikaaa?!?!? awawawawaw! lucu banget seh!!!!

chika-chika kelap-kelip - June 6, 2011

iyah! makasiy mahe! ihirrr

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