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Difference between men and women in handling commitments January 30, 2011

Posted by chika-chika kelap-kelip in Values in life.
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Why Women Want Commitment And Men Dread It ???
In a relationship the woman wants commitment and the man dreads from the big ‘C’ (commitment). There are a lot of ‘relationship experts’ who have hundreds of cure for men to turn from commitment-phobic to commitment devotee, but none works. The men have just one problem with the women, that is, commitment.

Commitment to one woman doesn’t exist in a man’s dictionary! We men are admirers of ‘women’, not ‘a woman’, though there are some exceptions where the man commits himself to a woman right from the start. The majority of the men, however, just accept sticking to one woman, quite late.

Men are labeled dogs because they hop from one woman to another time and again. We are pure admirers of beauty; we just can’t resist the womankind. Besides, if the man leaves a woman for another woman, then the woman should blame the woman! Competition is always there. It’s not the man’s fault! We are weak creatures. We are either in search of new adventures (men who actively search for new women) or just plain curious (when a woman approaches us).

Anyway, enough of this stupid justification! Why are men the way they are? Why are women the way they are? I have a simple answer!

A girl grows up to be a woman with stories of a (mark it’s ‘a’) prince charming on a white horse who will sweep her off the feet and they’ll live happily ever after in their magical kingdom. Right?

The story for the boys is a little twisted!

A boy grows up to be a man with stories of Casanova stealing the hearts of so many women. (Please mark, its ‘women’) For a man, Hugh Hefner (Playboy founder) is the ultimate MAN!!! (For obvious reasons – Playboy mansion full of young girls strutting in their birthday suits!!! It can’t better than this) Men all over the world are just proud of Mr. Hef for living an ultimate man’s life! FYI, he is 80 and currently has 6 Playboy bunnies as his girlfriends with an average age of less than 20!

So you see, the basic psychology towards the opposite gender is completely opposite! Women want one man and men can’t think of being with just one!

So men and women, lets not blame each other! Let’s blame the society for putting stories into our head which messes us up. (:p)

As a girl (not woman yet), I don’t blame if men always think of being with many women. But a REAL “MAN” will only be with one “WOMAN” for the rest of his life.

No offense, just reposted from: http://aamirayubi.blogspot.com/2010/10/why-women-want-commitment-and-men-dread.html



1. qimqimqimqimqimqimqimqimqimqimqimqimqimqimqim - January 31, 2011

edan euy chika,,lagi sakit hati sama siapa ini teh..
saya mah masuk yang exception aja.. satu cinta aja ga kuat buat hati ini apa lagi dua.. i’ll treasure my women..

chika-chika kelap-kelip - January 31, 2011

inget loh “woman”, NOT “women”..
oke, berarti kamu udah di-blacklist dari daftar poligami ya qim..
ingat itu,, inga inga!

2. icha - January 31, 2011

saya langsung nyari mbah hef di google…..wow, cacat juga ya dia!!!

chika-chika kelap-kelip - February 1, 2011

haha.. saya aja blom googling, baru denger2 aja.. dan memang kedengarannya cacat! *geleng2*

3. Aryansah - February 1, 2011

hahaha, artikel yang menarik.. tapi si penulis, kenapa jomplang pisan yah..? ngambil analoginya dari film disney ke majalah Playboy..
berarti dia hanya mengasumsikan semua cewe itu kek putri salju, dan semua cowo itu kayak pencipta Playboy..
hahaha.. CMIIW

chika-chika kelap-kelip - February 1, 2011

hahaha.. entahlah,, saya juga bingung.. yang pasti sih itu tergantung orangnya (mudah2an)…

4. qim - February 3, 2011

oh iyah my woman!!saya lebih suka hugh laurie!!

5. QQ - February 3, 2011

Yes, women want a prince charming on white horse and hope they will live hapilly ever after…

But still, she lived with 7 other men…
(commented on snow white, the figure you took as example)

chika-chika kelap-kelip - February 4, 2011

haha.. iya sih.. tapi 7 men itu beda kasta loohh..
jadi tetep aja dia setia pada si prince charming.. hehehe

QQ - February 7, 2011

masih satu species Chik..
kecuali klo sm troll..

Aryansah - February 5, 2011

hahaha, alus jat komen antum.. ngakak saya.. teu kapikiran kadinya..

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