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The Drama Queen: Blair Waldorf January 24, 2011

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Do you ever seen Gossip Girl??
Yes, that’s one of TV series from USA which has stories about the scandals of Manhattan’s elites. The storyline is quite fast and complicated.
I don’t want to discuss about the story here, but I want to tell you that I am adoring Blair Waldorf. She’s also being a drama queen besides the Gossip Girl on the story. Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester, one of the world’s prettiest actress.

I don’t like her as Leighton Meester with her natural blonde straight hair and innocent face.

The innocent Leighton Meester

I’d rather love her as Blair Waldorf, the drama queen with the way she talk, her gestures, wardrobes, styles. Whatever she wear, whatever she use for her make up, even she always manipulative, she never looks awful. She’s truly a Manhattan’s elite. On my thought, Blair is the most beautiful character that I ever known. And she’s perfect! Like a barbie doll.. LOL

Love her wavy brown hair. And look, the make-up made her face's like perfect

She is so sophisticated

This is my favorite dress

J'adore this outfit very much!

She looks very gorgeous!

And,, the most important thing that she is a perfect, glam, manipulative, fierce drama bitch!

Of course, a drama queen belongs to a drama king.. Play your own game, guys!

I really appreciate what a blogger told us! LOL

Watchout beautiful readers, don’t let your money fly away to get the very update fashion like the queen B’s..!!

You know you love me..




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