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The Mockingbirds Mob, Photographs with characters December 10, 2010

Posted by chika-chika kelap-kelip in Entertainment.
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Who doesn’t want to be a model of photograph? And who would think that I would become a part of it?
Yeah, my friends and I have conducted a photo session project, called The Mockingbirds Mob. This project headed by a main photographer, and assisted by her friends who also act as models. In this photo session, the models would become assassin characters such as Chinese Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, Corruptor Police, and Russian Spy (except Inspector Vijay, the only good character who has the most antagonist face. Peace, He! :P). They had to put their face to become fierce. Don’t know if it congenital from birth or whatever it called, but I did it easier than my friends. I could become fierce without much effort. Haha! *That’s one of advantages to become me* 😛

And the Mockingbirds Mob part.1 was done! The results are cool!! You must see it yourself on Facebook or Flickr.
Then how is the continuation of this project? We’ll see… 😀

Big thanks to Nipz as talented photographer, Jeff for the nice studio, Qim for helping us at the photosession, Becke for helping me to attach the obi also being my partner as Japanese Yakuza, Melz and Ega as Chinese Mafia, Osboy as Corruptor Police, Mela as beautiful Russian Spy, and Mahe as Inspector Vijay, Elle for the costumes, and also all of you for the support and attention. Enjoy!

Mockingbirds mob comic strap

Photograph by Hanifah Siregar



1. hanifah siregar - December 10, 2010

kikikik… “i could become fierce without much effort” XD

chika-chika kelap-kelip - December 10, 2010

hoo iya, terimakasih revisinya.. kuganti yaa.. heheheheehe

2. Aryansah - December 10, 2010

bagus2 nips fotonya.. saya liat2 di fesbuk..

3. Mahehehe a.k.a inspector vijajay - December 10, 2010

Bikin lanjutannya yuk,,,

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