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I am officially 23 years old :D November 22, 2010

Posted by chika-chika kelap-kelip in Values in life.
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Selamat HUT ke-2, Ayukireina Siskahaning Prahesti

Look, that is my second birthday cake given by my parents. My father wrote the greeting on the cake (his handwriting was very authentic :p). And the writing on the center of the cake read: “Omedetou” means “Congratulation” or “Happy” birthday..
I miss that moment, which my parents surprised me when I was under the tatami with warm air flowed from shitobu in the winter. I want to go back to this moment. If only I could turn back time.

Unnoticed, 21 years have passed. Now, I’m officially 23 years old. It’s old enough, right?
With my age now, I supposed to get married and have a baby. But let me delay these plan to achieve my old dreams first. 😀 (I’m so sorry, mom..)
However, hopefully there is prince charming who come to me and propose me to be his princess in a few years. (daydreaming) 😛

On this birthday, I’ve got more than 200 greetings from friends and family via wall post in Facebook, text message, and direct communication. Thank yooouuu very much for the prayers. May Lord bless us and I wish us all the best. So happy to have y’all. And not forget to thank for the cake.. :”>

So grateful I was born and grown in this surroundings that supports me to be a person like I am now.
There was only because of Allah SWT, The Almighty God.
I thank with all my soul and body to You, Lord,, for everything that You gave me.
And thanks to my mom, who always support me with all her efforts.



1. Aryansah - November 24, 2010

Selamat ulang tahun Chik..!! semoga tambah baik di segala hal yang positifnya.. hehehe..

chika-chika kelap-kelip - December 1, 2010

amiinn… makasih banyak ary! 😀

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