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Smells like: WHAT IS IT??!! November 12, 2010

Posted by chika-chika kelap-kelip in Healthy.
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I feel very exhausted for recent days, maybe caused by high mobility that eat up so much energy.
Yesterday, I planned to study together with my english classroom mates at my friend’s house. Unfortunately, my body refused to be compromised with my brain. So, I called one of my friend to cancel my presence.
Fastly, I crossed the street to ride a public transport car, Dago-Kalapa. But,,, you know what, the driver forced the gas pedal sooo strong.. I felt like riding a dangerous vehicle in amusement park. After few seconds, a strange odor was blowing inside the car. How can I didn’t think that was a problem with this car?
It made me called my friend to ask what the blo*dy smell it is. And my friend said that it was an odor from clutch leaking. I didn’t know, because I’ve never scented it before.
I have smelled this HELL odor for almost 5 minutes, and it made shortness of breath also strong cough.
(no no, not HELL odor actually, you can get the information about various of smells in car here)
For God sake, I couldn’t stand this smell! I would die!
Few moments later, the driver stopped for a while, and there was a girl came into the car and sat.
Both of us had strong cough, but not the driver.
Girl: “What smell is it?”
Driver: “What smell?”
Girl: “It’s like smell of the shrimp paste” (what?? u said shrimp paste??)
Me: “No, probably it’s from the clutch!” (I went outside quickly and paid the cost)
Driver: “What? Clutch??!!!!!”
Too bad, seems that both the driver and the girl didn’t concern to my words, because they were still sitting inside the car and looked “comfortable”. (How strong they are!)
Thereafter, I could really breath the fresh air. Alhamdulillah…
But,,, I think I got a headache attack. I couldn’t walking upright. Yeaahh, I knew it. It surely because of that f***in’ blo*dy odor.
Anyway, thank God, because of this incident, I could pray together at Salman mosque just in time for maghrib. And not forget to drink a cup of full cream milk for neutralizing the chemicals from the odor.
So, the rest are eat a lot and sleep tightly. 😀



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