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Le silence August 9, 2010

Posted by chika-chika kelap-kelip in Values in life.
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I think an action should be responded with similar action. I tried, and failed, resulted some misunderstanding things. Then I applied the same action on different occurence, and the results were not much different, it was painful.

I thought I should change the way I act, to be better.

 When the silence happened again, I didnt want to repeat the same mistakes. I didn’t want to stay silent, I wanted things back to normal. Although it didn’t change the things at all. I started confused. I’ve tried very hard, but it wasn’t worth my effort at all. I think I just wasting my time and energy that can be used to make the solution of other problems.

And when the silence came back in the other incident, I went back to the early response of the action. The results were not much different from the previous also. Apparently, all my force were not enough to melt this condition.



Well, actually I was muddled about what I was writing. These things are too complicated to be described. Sorry if I’ve made you confused with this post. 😀


I do want to be understood, just like you. J





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